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Our Other Offerings

Prism360Wellness not only offers Block Therapy™ products and classes, but we also offer other various types of wellness products and services. Browse this page for these other offerings and shop our Etsy page for our products!

macramé bracelets on a models wrist
crystal jewelry on a block of wood.
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Healing Crystal & Macramé Jewelry

Inspired by the work of ancient textile weavers of the Orient, as well as the timeless influences of our natural world, these unique jewelry pieces will bring joy, calming your body and brightening your spirit. Our macramé jewelry is comfortable and easily wearable, yet delicate and subtly beautiful. We use very fine micro-macramé cord to produce intricate looking designs based on just a few simple ‘sailor’s knots’. Our distinctive colors and carefully hand-picked semi-precious beads made of natural stone and crystals are chosen to resonate with each of the body’s major chakras. These thought-provoking one-off designs incorporate a rich variety of textures, colors and cords, complemented by sparkling crystals, glass, wood, or metal beads, and antique or contemporary buttons and clasps. Every item is made by us, with love. 


At Prism360Wellness, we take masks seriously! All our masks are made of 2 layers of 100% tight weave quilting cotton and/or Batik cotton. Research has shown that cotton is better because it is 3 dimensional vs. other man-made fabrics which tend to be 2 dimensional. As it is worn and washed, the fibers tend to “spread out” which allows for the tiny strands to catch more particles. These masks have been made with a filter pocket and metal nose wire pocket for a form fit over the nose. In fact, every mask we make fits over the nose AND under the chin for max coverage and a good seal and the around the neck and head adjustable strap allows for individualized, tighter fit and better protection!

“No matter where; in a nail salon, flying, walking or hanging out with friends; when you need it, it’s ready to be pulled up to keep you safe! When you go to a restaurant, so easy to pull down with the design it easily hangs around your neck. You don’t have to worry about putting it anywhere else to get contaminated. And the beautiful fabric and style is a fashion plus!”

-- Ava B.

“These are the best face masks! They are not only comfortable, thoughtfully designed with scientific reasoning, they are simply beautiful.”

-- Susan M.

“I’ve had several compliments on my new mask! Thank you for sharing your artistic talents and wellness knowledge.”

-- Turri P.

Reiki Attunements

Reiki Master Michele offers Reiki attunements, home/space cleansing, and Reiki for Pets. Contact us for more information.

michele holding out her hands for reiki attunements