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Close up of a woman doing block therapy on her hamstring.

“Faith and reason can best be understood as attributes of the human soul through which insights and knowledge can be gained about the physical and the spiritual dimensions of existence.” 

                                  –The Universal House of Justice

Hi There, We’re Stephanie & Michele

Through many years of rigorous academic study and training, coupled with a profound understanding of the dynamic flow of the human energy field, Stephanie and Michele bring together a nuanced richness of unique experiences and perspectives, creating a healthy balance of wise, compassionate insight that characterizes our family’s company, Prism360Wellness. We each bring unique potential, balanced contributions, and fresh spirits infused with enthusiasm. We hold ourselves to high standards in helping others achieve optimal wellness, to nurture and restore health in all its many dimensions. 

We focus on the “approach to life and living” – not illness – and the interconnectivity of the mind-body-spirit bond; this delivers far greater realization of health benefits. We do this by providing offerings of Block Therapy™ and Reiki.

Michele with a Block Buddy.

Michele Cosby (serving Alaska)

Master of International Language Studies

Certified Health Educator 

Reiki Master

Certified Block Therapy Instructor

Michele grew up nurtured by stories of her great-grandmother Anna, a tiny but wise Hungarian lady with deep knowledge of local plants and natural ways, the village healer called upon to birth babies, soothe the pain of illness and assist those transitioning from this world. Anna was her dearest muse, encouraging Michele from deep in her psyche and soul to follow this healing legacy on her own pathway more than a century later.

In 1977, Michele moved to Haifa Israel when her then husband accepted a position working at the Baha’i World Center. There, she came to appreciate the human capacity for good at a global level. Witnessing the need for world unity and mutual understanding through meaningful conversations compelled Michele to learn Esperanto and, in 1997, she earned a Master’s Degree of International Language Studies from Eotvos Lorand Technical University.

Because of her lifelong fascination with the human energy field, early on Michele began exploring various energy healing modalities. After severe illness in 1992 led her to Reiki, the profound effect this practice had on her physical AND emotional recovery, spurred Michele to study and in 1998, she become a Reiki Master. 

Because of her deep respect for all life, she has been a vegetarian since she was 18 years old. And, in 2012, this lead her to Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL where she studied to become a Certified Health Educator. She has an expansive knowledge of growing micro greens and sprouts, and raw food preparation.

Introduced to Block Therapy by her step-daughter Stephanie, she saw how her 80 year old husband’s scoliosis was helped by his very first session on the block. Michele decided right then and there to become a Certified Block Therapy Instructor. She also has personally benefited from blocking, completely reversing inflammation and stiffness in her hands and fingers. She has frequently exclaimed, “Block my ribs and get my thumbs back!” No more pain holding a brush or handling tiny beads and cords. This has been extremely important to her as she is also an artist, illustrator and jewelry designer… always infusing her unique crystal and macramé designs with Reiki.

Michele invites you join her on your own healing journey, revealing the hidden gems that lie within yourself.

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Photo of Michele and Stephanie with Block Therapy buddy blocks.

Stephanie Cosby (serving central North Carolina)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Master of Public Health

Certified Block Therapy Instructor

Reiki Level 2

Through many years and several careers she has pursued, Stephanie Cosby always gravitated toward work that focused on helping people, but frequently to the detriment of her own health. Throughout her 10+ years involved in direct patient care, nursing took a toll as she endured several painful, debilitating back injuries. But even while attending nursing school, she had wanted to meld her FIRST career of video post-production with her growing nursing skills. She learned about the field of Healthcare Communications which focused on a wider, more global reach of healthcare. In order to bridge the gap between her video and healthcare experiences, in 2009 she obtained a Master of Public Health with a focus on Healthcare Communications from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Rapidly moving from nursing in a fast-paced patient-centered environment, coupled with a life-altering diagnosis and subsequent treatment for breast cancer, Stephanie transitioned to a nearly completely sedentary career of video editing… which took an even greater toll on her health. As a result of several extreme physical and emotional stressors in 2018, resulting in a gain of over 70 pounds in less than 2 years, Stephanie was on the verge of being diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, and with almost non-existent range of motion, she found she could barely move without experiencing pain. Something had to change. 

In early 2020, she attended a retreat where Block Therapy was offered as part of the program.  From the first moment on the block, she knew the trajectory of her life had changed forever. She has been blocking almost every day since and was so excited about the benefits, she got her father and step-mother to start blocking with her as well! Since beginning blocking, she has reversed the negative impacts to her health and wellbeing, AND has lost almost 40 pounds to date in the process… all by simply blocking! She decided the best way to share her passion for Block Therapy and the incredible benefits that can be realized from it was to become a Certified Block Therapy Instructor! Stephanie even encouraged her step-mother Michele to also become an instructor. Fortified with her experiences of both patient-centered and public healthcare, she is now bringing this powerful self-care practice to those in her community who are ready to breathe and believe!

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