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Block Therapy™ is for everyone!

This revolutionary self-care practice combines exercise, meditation and therapy all-in-one by utilizing a block of bamboo to exercise and strengthen the diaphragm and melt through frozen fascia which creates space for blood and oxygen flow to the feed and clean the cells detoxifying tissues and restoring proper alignment to the body. More benefits of Block Therapy include:

  • reduced inflammation, pain and chronic illness
  • easing muscle tension and restrictions in fascia
  • better mobility and flexibility
  • boosted immune system
  • enhanced healing 
  • reduced stress
  • improved sleep function
  • properly aligned posture
  • reversing aging
  • losing weight
  • and so much more!

Fascia is the connective tissue that holds every one of our 37 trillion cells together. Due to surgery, injury and unconscious poor posture & breathing, those cells can be deprived of nutrients provided by blood and oxygen resulting in compression of the tissues. Compression of the fascia can hold the body out of alignment with a force of 2000 lbs. per square inch and will pull and freeze the body out of alignment resulting in pain, lack of mobility, weight gain, compromised immune system, aging and disease! Stretching, massage and rolling are only touching the surface of what is actually going on even deeper within the tissues.

Practicing Block Therapy™ can release, or “melt” through adhesions and restore proper space and alignment of our cells resulting in proper posture, less pain, and more energy and life!

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Buy A Block

Receive your bamboo Block Buddy and/or Block Baby, get lifetime access to the online Starter Package: a 9-Day Full Body Fascia Program, free monthly online classes, access to the Block Therapy Community on Facebook, and a 14-Day Membership trial to the BlockTherapy.com site.


      • Want your block now? If you live locally on Madeira Island, Portugal, please email us to purchase a Block in person and receive ALL of the benefits listed here! 

Starting at €140


The Block Therapy Membership is an online platform which stores all of the Block Therapy™ content other than the University modules. The Membership is accessible for anyone that has gone through the Starter Program or has attended live Block Therapy Classes.

Starting at $49/mo

Programas para Terapia de Bloque™

Ahora en Español! Su suscripción en el Programa de terapia de bloque™ incluye un Block Buddy o Block Baby, programa de 3 días para la fascia de todo el cuerpo, posiciones y descripciones introductorias, prueba de membresía 14 días, y clases mensuales gratuitas en Facebook Live.

Precio inicial €140

Virtual Intensives

Tap into a full range of Virtual Intensive Classes taught by Block Therapy Founder Deanna Hansen. Each intensive ranges from 2 to 4 hours and focuses on a specific health concern (ie. Gum Health, Pelvic Floor, Bunions, Cellulite, etc.) You will have lifelong access through your account.


Block Therapy™ University

Interested in becoming a Certified Block Therapy Instructor or Block Therapist? Enroll in Block Therapy University (BTU) and start changing people’s lives! Learn more about how to become a Fascia Master.

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Come Join Us For A Class

We would love to show you what Block Therapy™ is all about before you make a commitment. If you are not sure if it is for you, then join us for a private or group class or contact us to learn more about our monthly complementary class!


What is the difference between Block Therapy™             & Yoga?

Yoga allows us to access the available tissue and keep it open and spacious. Block Therapy™ goes further as it releases the tissue that has adhered to bone, granting you more available tissue to work with. Tissue will freeze or glue onto bony surfaces with a force up to 2000 lbs. per square inch. This incredible seal requires heating and oxygenation to release and become available for our use. Yoga alone does not get deep enough through the layers of tissue to grant this depth of freedom in the body. In order to affect the tissue to the depth of the bone, the tool needs to be similar in density to bone. This is why the Block Buddy™ is made from bamboo.

Can you get injured doing Block Therapy™?

If you practice Block Therapy™ as instructed, it is totally safe. Block Therapy™ is about connecting to your pain, however it does not cause injury if you listen to your body and follow your breath. Certified Block Therapy Instructor guides you through the moves and if something is too painful they will provide alternate ways to approach the area.  Some common modifications are practicing on a mattress to decrease the initial depth into the tissue while allowing your body to adapt, having pillows close by to help support and prop your body as needed and, of course, to back to off if the pressure becomes too intense.

While doing Block Therapy™ a “healing crisis” may occur. A healing crisis is a result of putting positive energy into the body while allowing the negative energy to move out of the body.  This negative energy can show up in a form of a skin rash, flu-like symptoms, changes in pain, emotional releases, etc.

The most common healing crisis that can seem “scary” is called a rib release.  This occurs when we are melting through the frozen tissue in the rib cage resulting in a significant shift of the ribs. A gap is created from the release of the  tissue which can be painful, especially since every movement or action in the body taxes the ribcage. The pain comes from the body sending extra blood flow to the area, also known as inflammation, to help rebuild the tissue. Depending on how significant the shift was and how much tissue needs repair will determine how long the pain will last for.

It is natural to want to ice the area but doing so will cause the tissue to freeze again and become more restricted, therefore we recommend adding heat to help speed up the healing process. You may also see broken capillaries or slight bruising in certain areas. Do not be alarmed as this is an indicator of improved blood flow to an area that previously lacked blood flow and oxygen.

You are completely in control of how much pain you allow yourself to experience and are properly guided through this during classes.

Can I spend too much time on the Block?

This is a commonly asked question. In Block Therapy™, we stay on the Block Buddy™ for a minimum of 3 minutes to achieve the releasing (or melting) of frozen tissue. Having said that, we always listen to our body and respect our limits.

It’s important to integrate blocking as much as we can into our lifestyles. My block is never very far from me as I will block while watching TV, reading a book, I’ll even sit on the block while working at my desk. The longer we can block in one area, the deeper and more effective the melting of that tissue will be. However, we must understand and respect what we are doing. This work is in part about becoming aware of your body and learning the language of your tissue. If at any time you are uncertain of your body’s response, please let us know so we can address your individual concerns.

Some of  these positions are uncomfortable. Are there modifications and adaptations that can be made?

You absolutely can make modifications as we want the only discomfort to be in the area that you are blocking. Therefore, it is important to be as relaxed and comfortable everywhere else. Some suggestions:

  • keep pillows close by to prop up your body as needed (i.e. when working your lower body and you need to support your upper body, place a pillow under your torso so your back stays in alignment and your shoulders/neck are not being overtaxed.)
  • all of the positions can be done in a bed or on a couch to lessen the pressure of the block
  • use a couch or chair to hold onto to and help you balance
  • when doing side lying positions, have a pillow close by that you can prop under your head and neck while always working to keep your shoulders down and back

What is the difference between the Block Buddy™ & the Block Baby™?

Block Buddy™: A hand-crafted untreated bamboo block uniquely designed to fit the contours of the body. Bamboo is used because it shares a similar density to bone. The size, proportion and rounded corners are meticulously designed to accommodate most body types.

Block Baby™: This is simply a smaller version of the Block Buddy™. The Block Baby™ is designed to fit into smaller spaces where the Block Buddy™ feels overwhelming. Due to the incredible compression of your fascia, there are some very tight spaces that the Block Baby™ is used to reach.

Photo of the block buddy and block baby with an ocean wave washing over them.

Does Block Therapy™ replace exercise?

Block Therapy™ is an exercise, therapy and meditation all-in-one. With it you are improving blood flow, increasing metabolism, working muscles and strengthening your heart.

The work can be done in a passive manner or the intensity can be increased for a more dynamic workout.  It is also a wonderful complement to any exercise practice as it is incredibly effective at improving blood flow.  Block Therapy™ is also amazing for post-workout recovery as the by-products of exercise will be taken away from the cells with greater efficiency, (e.g. lactic acid, therefore decreasing the time the muscles experience stiffness).

Who should not do Block Therapy™?

Block Therapy™ is generally a safe body work practice that anyone at any age can do. Please see below regarding pregnancy and serious medical conditions.

Pregnancy:  For someone who is pregnant, it is the direct contact with the belly and surrounding area that should be avoided.  The other areas of the body are safe to practice, (i.e., legs, face, neck).

Serious Medical Conditions:  For anyone with serious health concerns it is always important to seek medical advice before starting any practice.  Also, talk to your Certified Block Therapy Instructor with any concerns before beginning.