Welcome to Prism360Wellness! 

photo of michele and stephanie doing block therapy on a beach at sunrise

We are so excited to begin this journey along-side you – whether you have been walking the path of holistic health and wellness for many years or even if you are just embarking into this way of life. We are dedicated to helping others connect to the life force animating our body, mind and spirit through the powerful modalities of Block Therapy (creating, inflating, and maintaining space between our cells) and Reiki (bringing our awareness to the ocean of life force energy in which we are all immersed). We connect to joy as we deepen our connection with each other and our healthiest selves. As we grow and become balanced from within, unlocking our potential, we find ourselves feeling healthier and looking refreshed, helping us evolve as we step into our best, most powerful existence. 

Through our blog, we hope to engage you in providing information, motivation and inspiration to continue along your journey. But this won’t be a one-way conversation because we have as much to learn from you and you do from us! We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions and even counterpoints to what we have to offer. Those meaningful conversations help us all grow. And we can’t wait to get started!