Promotes compassionate holistic wellness modalities.

Photo of Michy and Steph with Block Therapy buddy blocks.

To empower people with lifestyle practices to optimize their mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing in transformative and synergistic ways.

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Block Therapy™ is a cutting edge practice…

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Discover Block Therapy™

No matter where you are on your wellness journey, Block Therapy™ will be a tool to advance you forward!

… that combines exercise, meditation, and therapy all in one. This self-care technique utilizes a block of bamboo to exercise and strengthen the diaphragm, increasing blood oxygen levels up to 600%.

“I’m a true believer and I’m only 8 days in!” — Dee A.

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Join one of our group classes currently being offered in and around the Hollywood, Florida area or on Zoom worldwide.

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We also offer private one on one classes in and around the Hollywood, Florida area or on Zoom worldwide.

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Crystal & Macramé Jewelry, Reiki & More

Our richly-colored jewelry designs are functional, supple, and lightweight yet simple in their warm and elegant appeal.

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Take care of your own wellness journey one step at a time, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

“I went from skeptic to believer after one class.”

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